Dual Valve Distortion (The Valveslapper)

£169.00 - On Sale

(The artist formerly known as The Valveslapper)

This is our most popular hand-built distortion pedal. This pedal was recently used for all the guitar solos on the Arctic Monkeys new album. Alex turner has one on his pedalboard (old style silver) so does Jason Pierce and Tony Doggen from Spirtualized and Sonic Boom also had one amongst many others!

New design now shipping, choose from red or blue...

VALVESLAPPER (2 valve/tube distortion) £169

die cast aluminium housing
powder coated gloss black finish
high quality components
classic tube crunch to full on distortion
dual valve high voltage circuit
neutrik jack sockets (not mounted on pcb)
high brightness red LED
power supply included
true bypass switching

“Anyone expecting the coopersonic to stay within the confines of traditional overdrive pedals will be scared witless by the paint-stripping fuzz that kicks in as the drive control advances past the 12 o’clock mark…”

“more than just another boutique overdrive, there’s a mountainous fuzztone within the coopersonic waiting to be unleashed” - Guitarist magazine 4/5